Berenice Paris


From his parents' workshop to his studies in fashion design, Frédéric Krief has been dressing his life with his passion: fashion. As if it were obvious, he founded Berenice in 2004. Basic and chic knitwear, feminine colors and elegant cuts. "I chose the name Berenice because it is a name that conveys a timeless image, both classic and elegant" - Frederic Krief.

Berenice's style :

Like Dolce Vita vibes, Sensuality and liberty, punctuate this season at Berenice. Absolute femininity with Italian flavors. A skirt that flies in the wind, a top with floral prints, a white ruffled dress adorned with delicate embroidery... Cocktail of colors, daring cuts and must-have pieces with an adventurous spirit. Almond green goes just as well with pale pink as it does with yellow and purple. Coral mixes with cream and khaki.